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Neverwas Haul- one of my favourite things at Burning Man- http://laughingsquid.com/the-neverwas-haul-project-party-fundraiser/


UP IN THE AIR backlash

Here's a great article on how and why UP IN THE AIR got no oscars, despite being many peoples best film of 2009.


Just saw this french film. Stark and really absorbing tale of one prisoner's life- it flew by. Music is sparse and minimal. Great filmmaking.


Score wins IPA Satellite Award

Yesterday the International Press Academy in Hollywood awarded UP IN THE AIR best film score of 2009. The other nominated scores were PUBLIC ENEMIES, UP, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, THE INFORMANT, and AMELIA.


UP IN THE AIR snags 5 GLOBES nominations

Great news today - the film got best pic and Jason got best director nominations. Nothing for the music, but the scores that did all look substantial- I haven't heard them all yet.


UITA: the whirl of publicity

In the past I have felt uncomfortable at all the press gatherings around a new film, but for some reason I am enjoying the launch of UP IN THE AIR. Mr Clooney here was very gracious.


nice Variety mention for UP IN THE AIR SCORE

http://bit.ly/NvdFK  Kent's movie music fills in the blanks Composer provides back story for 'Air,' 'Goats' By LAWRENCE CHRISTON Rolfe Kent's jazzy score for "Sideways" provided the perfect accompaniment to a story about two guys on a semi-improvisational trip. His motif for George Clooney's corporate hatchet-man in "Up in the Air" is a drum rhythm with a soft-shoe bass tread, describing a man whose life has pace but no melody, a life that doesn't harmonize much with anyone else's. Film music is the "meanwhile" and "suddenly" of narrative; it steps in for the back story, all while remaining discreet. In fact, Kent says, "When I'm spotting a film with a director, looking for places where the music goes, I'll often ask, ‘What would be missing if we didn't put anything there?' Music should do something. We've developed this videogame mentality that says there should be a constant sound under the action. But you shouldn't be afraid of silence. There's a lot that can go on in empty space."